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Hey! I'm a Brazilian passionate about building high-impact, well-performing user experiences.

I believe that work is such a significant portion of my day, that being great at it makes me happier and more fulfilled.

I focus on being a team player; to be empatic, friendly, and to write clean, maintainable code.


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Software Engineer (Independent Consultant)

04/2022 - Ongoing
Oslo, Norway (Remote from Trondheim)
  1. Setting up monorepos, shared packages and code quality tooling;
  2. Improve frontend build. Got ~380% faster CI and 45% smaller bundles sizes;
  3. Adjusting frontend architecture to enable faster development cycles;
  4. Working on ecommerce store UX, backoffice and Sanity CMS implementation;

Sportradar - Software Engineer (Senior)

03/2018 - 04/2022 · 4 yrs 1 mos
Trondheim, Norway

Sportradar, the world's leading sports data company, has clients like NHL, NBA, FIFA and NASCAR.

  1. Improves DX for micro-frontend teams. The achieved results include ~70% faster build time;
  2. Manages the security of frontend apps. Reduced the number of vulnerabilities by 87%;
  3. Resolves performance issues on real-time data-heavy applications;
  4. Supports hiring, onboarding and mentoring of new employees;

What sets me apart

  • I demonstrate strong performance so colleagues can rely upon me.
  • I'm self-motivated with a passion for coding and using front-end technology.
  • I'm a systems thinker who can reason through systems and understand technical tradeoffs.

Top Skills

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What my mentees say

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Marcin Fiuk on April 25, 2022
“It's a pleasure to work with Alex. He is really good listener and has a lot of knowledge.”
Rory Collins on June 15, 2022
“Alex is a phenomenal mentor and an all-around great person. I'm really grateful for his help and attention to detail. . . . He obviously has a huge amount of knowledge and experience . . . I'm often left thinking about why I did not start working with him earlier in my career. . . . I 100% recommend him to anyone at any level. Thanks Alex!!”


Information Systems BSc / React Advanced Patterns Course / AWS Cloud Practioner / PHP Certified Engineer


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PowerOffice website

05/2022 - Ongoing
consulting for PowerOffice
  1. Next.js website built with Sanity CMS;
  2. Has a NodeJS API that uses Google Maps API, Redis and a relational database;
  3. The CMS setup allows the creation of new unique pages with customizable modules;
  4. There are many animations made with Framer Motion; Some with complex orchestration;
Tech Stack:
React, TypeScript, Next.js, Sanity CMS, Framer Motion, AWS, Redis, Vercel, NodeJS, Google Tag Manager, Figma.

Micro-Frontend platform

07/2021 - 04/2022 · 9 mos
  1. Single page frontend built with TypeScript, React, Import-Maps and Webpack;
  2. Able to load different apps into a single interface and bridge their communication;
  3. There is a huge side of CLI tooling and webpack configuration;
  4. Developer experience is critical, this is the platform to build apps for;
Tech Stack:
React, TypeScript, AWS, WebPack, Jest, NodeJS.

Formula 1 Trading Application

02/2020 - 04/2022 · 2 yrs 2 mos
  1. Real-time frontend built with Typescript, React, Redux and Styled-Components;
  2. Handle a lot of live data. The data can receive 5 to 8 updates per second;
  3. There is render throttling for different portions of the screen, performance is important;
  4. Tested using end-to-end tests, unit tests and static tests;
Tech Stack:
React, TypeScript, WebSocket, Styled-Components, Jest, Cypress, Redux, Redux-Sagas, Figma.

Booking Calendar

03/2018 - 02/2020 · 1 yrs 11 mos
  1. Single page frontend built with React, Redux and SCSS;
  2. Handled a lot of data, performance was important;
  3. There is a set of complex filtering with filter composing heuristics;
  4. Fully tested on critical paths with end-to-end, integration and unit tests;
Tech Stack:
React, JavaScript, Redux, SCSS, Cypress, React Router, PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Figma.

Healthcare Insurance Application

03/2016 - 01/2018 · 1 yrs 10 mos
Meta consulting for Unimed
  1. Multi-page app built with Laravel, VueJS and SCSS;
  2. Developers had direct access to stakeholders, the domain was well known by both;
  3. Load performance was critical, many techniques were applied to maintain it;
  4. Search functionalities were highly optimized and allowed rich queries;
Tech Stack:
VueJS, JavaScript, Laravel, PHP, Oracle DB, SQL.

Open Source

Cryptocurrency Order Book

  1. Highly performant react app targeted to run on slow devices;
  2. Receives 10+ updates per second, uses throttling based on device performance;
  3. Efficiently uses DOM and CSS to avoid unnecessary computations;
  4. Built critical components using test-driven development (TDD), and used Jest;
Tech Stack:
React, TypeScript, WebSocket, Jest, Tailwind, NextJS, Redux, Redux-Sagas.

Airbnb Mobile Authentication Clone

  1. Showcase authentication app in VueJS, TypeScript and Firebase;
  2. Have extensive documentation with technical detailing;
  3. Implement URL access control and handle redirects;
  4. Allows use of social login with Facebook and Google;
Tech Stack:
VueJS, TypeScript, Firebase, Vue Router, SCSS.

Bike Rental App

  1. Showcase app for mentorship with backend and frontend set up;
  2. Implement authentication with multiple roles;
  3. Focuses on user experience and accessibility; uses the HTML efficiently;
Tech Stack:
React, TypeScript, Prisma, Tailwind, NextJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL.